- share text between browser sessions, securely

This application allows you to easily copy strings between browser sessions running on disparate systems. For example, if you need to copy a command or product key between two systems - instead of re-typing the command you can use this service to easily copy/paste the data between the two machines.

To use this application, you first need to generate a "session string" on the first browser. This will be a string of three english words seperated with the "-" character. You can generate a session string easily by clicking "Start New Session" below.

When you access this application on the second (or more) system, enter the same "session string" as the first session in the form below and click "Connect existing session";

Once multiple browsers are connected using the same session string you can begin to pass data between then by entering the data you wish to send and clicking on the "Go" button. The data will magically appear on all browsers connected using the same "session string". It's that simple.

Start New Session


Join Existing Session